Muon Finance

Muon Finance

Grow your crypto with organic yield

Muon is a non-custodial platform that offers risk-adjusted structured crypto products built over the most trusted and secure Defi protocols.

Our aim is to generate real yields from options premium, AMM swap fees, active trading, lending, and market-making

Upcoming Strategies

  1. Covered Put
  2. A covered put is created by selling an ITM put followed by shorting the asset in the spot/futures market. Covered puts require only stables as collateral creating a payoff similar to selling a naked call.

  3. Synthetic Wheel
  4. A synthetic wheel strategy is an options strategy where puts/calls are systematically sold to generate regular monthly income over assets on which you are long-term bullish. The wheels would be built on Uniswap V3 to receive synthetic option pay-off

  5. Principle protected notes
  6. This strategy includes staking 100% of the AUM into a lending/borrowing protocol and then deploying the yield to create a market-neutral position using on-chain options.