Web3 Learning Path (Developers)

Learning Blockchain & Solidity

This is a curated list of resources arranged in the order a learner is recommended to go through

Goal 0

Blockchain Basics

Mining on Ethereum

Block on Ethereum

Learn to read these pages

Anatomy of a Transaction

Goal 1.0

Goal 1.1

  • Make a Solidity contract which does the following:
    • which has one variable called name
    • deploy it on any ethereum testnet
    • make one transaction to change the name variable to your name
    • Solution

Goal 2.0

Goal 3.0

  • Read about Infura
  • Difference between read and write calls on the blockchain
  • Where does the read call’s computation take place?


  • Make a ERC 20 token contract
  • Deploy it on the Ganache
  • Write a Python script using brownie to make 100 random transfers for the token
  • Print the list of all those transfers in a CSV

Events and Logs

  • Understanding Events and Logs
  • How to read them with external code, like Python or JS scripts
  • Task:
    • Pick any popular ERC 20 token deployed on Ethereum
    • Write a script which fetches all the Transfer events from that token
    • From those transfer events deduce the number of token holders, compare this number with the one stated on websites like coingecko
    • Token Holders are addresses that currently have non-zero quantity of that token, if they held the token sometime in the past they will not be counted in this.

Understanding London fork

Other Blockchains

Read about major projects in this ecosystem

  • Wrapped tokens
  • Oracles- Chainlinks
  • Swaps- Uniswap, PancakeSwap
  • Bridges- Binance Bridge
  • Dex - dydx
  • Lending- Alpaca, Compound, MakerDAO, Balancer, Bancor

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